Is USPS Open on Easter? Important Information for Postal Services

Are you wondering, “Is USPS open on Easter?” If you’re planning to send out mail or expecting a package, this question might be on your mind. Easter, being a significant holiday, often affects the schedules of many businesses, including postal services.

Whether you need to send an important letter or awaiting a special delivery, knowing the USPS hours on holidays can save you time and without problems.

In this blog, we will explore whether Is USPS open on Easter, helping you plan your mailing needs accordingly. Let’s dive into the details to ensure your mail matters are handled smoothly during the holiday.

Background on USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent establishment of the executive branch of the USA. government responsible for providing postal services across the nation.

With a history dating back to 1775, USPS has grown into a vital institution, handling over 142 billion pieces of mail annually. The service operates on a vast network and adheres to a strict schedule, albeit with exceptions during holidays.

Is USPS Open on Easter?

USPS Holidays 2024

Easter Sunday is not one of the federal holidays observed by USPS. However, because Easter Sunday falls on a weekend, it’s essential to differentiate between regular weekend operations and holiday closures.

The USPS typically does not operate on Sundays, and Easter is no exception. Therefore, USPS will be closed, and no mail deliveries will occur on Easter Sunday in 2024.

Is the Post Office Open on Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, is not a federal holiday. As such, USPS locations remain open, and normal mail delivery services are operational on Black Friday.

This makes it a convenient day for sending out packages and letters, especially with the surge in shopping and shipping needs during the holiday season.

What Days Will Mail Not Be Delivered in 2024?

In 2024, USPS will observe the following federal holidays, during which mail delivery services will be suspended:

1New Year’s DayJanuary 1
2Martin Luther King Jr. DayJanuary 15
3Presidents DayFebruary 19
4Memorial DayMay 27
5Independence DayJuly 4
6Labor DaySeptember 2
7Columbus DayOctober 14
8Veterans DayNovember 11
9Thanksgiving DayNovember 28
10Christmas DayDecember 25

Additionally, mail delivery is not available on Sundays, including Easter Sunday.

Impact on Mail Delivery and Services

is usps open on easter

When USPS is closed on holidays and Sundays, mail delivery schedules are adjusted. This pause can cause minor delays, especially if you’re expecting time-sensitive packages or important documents.

It’s also worth noting that USPS facilities, including post offices and customer service centers, will also be closed, which means no access to P.O. boxes or in-person mailing services.

Alternative Solutions for Postal Services

Given that USPS is closed on Easter Sunday and other holidays, it’s wise to consider alternative solutions:

  • Private Courier Services: Companies like FedEx and UPS often have different holiday schedules and may offer limited services on days when USPS is closed.
  • Online Services: Many postal tasks, such as purchasing postage and scheduling future pickups, can still be managed online through USPS’s website or other third-party services.
  • Plan Ahead: If you know a holiday is approaching, try to send your mail a few days earlier to avoid delays.

Things to Consider

  • Local Post Office Hours: Sometimes, local post offices might have varied hours even around holidays. Always check the specific hours of operation for your nearest location.
  • Seasonal Delays: During high-traffic periods like Christmas and Black Friday, expect longer delivery times due to the volume of mail being processed.
  • Tracking Services: Use USPS tracking services to monitor your mail’s progress and get real-time updates on delivery status.


To recap, while USPS generally operates on a consistent schedule, it does observe federal holidays, including Easter Sunday, during which no mail deliveries occur.

By planning ahead and considering alternative postal services, you can navigate these closures with minimal disruption.

No, USPS does not deliver packages on Easter Sunday. This is consistent with their policy of not operating on Sundays.

Yes, USPS is operational on Good Friday. Good Friday is not a federal holiday, so normal mail delivery services will continue.

You can find out if mail is being delivered today by checking the USPS website or using their service locator tool. Additionally, USPS often provides notifications for any disruptions or changes in service on their homepage.

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